Savoy Night Owls: Recording Time

So now that our first gig of the year was out of the way, it was clear that to get more we needed a demo. Lately we had some live recordings from other gigs and business cards that we had been using as promotional material. But we decided to step up our game in 2014.

We’re working with Robb at Kinetic Sound Works to produce our demo reel. We’ve listened to the raw post-mastered tracks, and it sounds pretty good. We’re excited to see what the finished product sounds like! We’ll post samples on the web site once it’s available, and possibly information on how to get a hold of a copy.

Playing at the beautiful Skansonia

We had the opportunity to play at the Skansonia last night for a private company party… What a venue! The staff was just wonderful. If you, or anyone you know is going to get married, or just want to throw a party, check them out! You’ll never find a better place to go! The party was a 20s themed party and everyone dressed the part. They were a fantastic group to play for!

All quiet on the western front

Okay. I hate to admit that we’ve been a tad quiet on the site and Facebook lately. Truth of the matter is that we got really busy in November/December and had to go into hibernation. Family, work, other bands, etc got the best of us. However, you will be glad to hear, that now that is all out of the way, we are on back in force, with two gigs already lined up for 2014. The bad news is that you probably can’t hear us at the gigs (unless you are one of the ones who booked us. If that’s the case, then see you there!). We missed playing our holiday set for you, and will try not to make it a habit. See you all soon!

An Evening at Egan’s

The Savoy Night Owls’ last show of the year! Come one and all to Egan’s in Ballard! Wednesday, December 19th, 9-10:30pm. $5 cover. Sip some holiday cheer and have a listen to some of our seasonal favorites and devoted old standards. FYI: Santa will leave coal in your stocking if you opt out.

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